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Best Pintrest Tools

Best  Pinterest Tools

A matter of a mere three years has seen Pinterest soar to its kingly heights. With 70 million global users, Pinterest has left behind Twitter in the race and according to Global Web Index; it has become one of the speediest growing social media website.

This massive Pinterest success could be dependent on many factors but research suggests that the organized method of pinning and the alluring creativity of the site is what draw users to it.

One research conducted showed that though Pinterest users are growing internationally, 70% of its users are still from United States, out of which are mostly wealthy women with a passion for shopping. A study done by RichRevelance disclosed that the average amount of money spent on an order on Pinterest was $169 whereas; the average order on Facebook was $95 and on Twitter $70.

This explains why 60% of the world’s major brands own a Pinterest account. Smaller businesses should definitely not lag behind to exploit this lucrative marketing strategy as well.

Pinterest has flagged countless number of tools in its speedy journey towards fame. Some of them have been lost in the process, while others have still remained handy for users. This article focuses on five main Pinterest tools which can help small and big businesses to create unique content, socialize effectively with target audience and assess results.

1)      Pinterest Goodies:        

This is like a store where you can get the most fundamental Pinterest tools. You can start by dragging the Pin It button from Pinterest site to your toolbar. Doing so will ensure that whenever you want to pin something on the web during surfing, you are only a click away and there it is on your Pinterest board.

Another most basic and crucial goodie Pinterest offers to its users is the Pin It button. You can have this button on your own website or blog and whenever your viewers wish to pin something essential from your website, all they have to do is click the Pin It button. This feature increases a website’s popularity and also boosts brand awareness without any effort.

Another useful Pinterest Goodie is the Pinterest mobile application which allows users to download it in their smart phones or tablets and carry it anywhere they like.

2)      Pinstamatic:

pinstamaticIt is quite a creative tool and lets you run away with your imagination. Instead of just sticking with images, you can now reach out to others with beautiful text alignment, quotations and even exciting sticky notes. You can have them on your boards so that your friends or your target audience can view it and enjoy it. This tool also enables you to share your favorite music with friends and even pin your map.

3)      Postris (formerly called ReplyIn):

postris This is another useful tool which is very popular amongst Pinterest users. A free to use service, Postris lists all the popular boards, pinners and pins. If you have a particular topic in mind, you can easily search boards by category. Using Postris enables pinners to view what is exactly going around in ocial media and also get new ideas for their own boards. Smaller businesses can view other brands’ boards to find out how they are assembling their visual content and try to add an innovative touch to their own boards. Postris is a great way to improve and increase your board awareness.

4)      Pinalytics:
pinalyticsIf you have some serious research to do on Pinterest, you only have to turn towards Pinalytics which is a great tool for searching for the latest trends, successful boards and popular pinners. Typing your search words in to the search bar will land you with complete data on your query and give you a clear idea as to what other users are doing to increase engagement.

5)      PicMonkey:

picmonkeyMore and more businesses are reverting to advertising their content in a visual form as it seems more appealing and attention grabbing. Pinterest is a platform where images rule. To maximize your business profits and capture larger number of target audience, it is imperative that you take advantage of the image editing tool on Pinterest called PicMonkey. Though PicMonkey was not initially built for Pinterest, it integrates quite well with the social media website.

This tool allows you to transform your plain images to classy and glamorous photos without spending any money on a professional photographer or taking the pains of employing Photoshop. Resizing, color changing, using text with pictures, adding majestic backdrops etc are all possible with PicMonkey. It is a user friendly tool which easily allows businesses to turn their PR, charts, statistics, and reviews   into attractive images. Though the basic features of PicMonkey are free, but businesses who wish to benefit from a broad range of photo editing features can pay $4.99 a month and receive a Premium account.


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