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5 tips for increasing Brand engagement on Instagram

5 tips for increasing Brand engagement on Instagram

Leading up as the third most popular used application of the year, Instagram is playing a pivotal role in determining the success of the topmost social brands and augmenting their fan following at a stupefying pace.

If you are struggling for a compelling brand awareness campaign, there is no better place to start than Instagram. These 5 crucial tips will open up a new door to increase your brand awareness and help you to grab a better percentage of the market share.

Tip# 1: Be a regular user and take benefit of special festivals and events:

A study conducted by Instagram brought forward these statistics: Almost 57% of the world’s leading 100 brands post once a week on Instagram while 28% post on it 5 times a week. Remaining updated on Instagram and providing a smooth flow of content to your target audience is the key method of engaging their attention and retaining their interest. The more they come across your posts, the more likely you are going to be swimming in their thoughts.

One tactical way of nailing down on your target audience is to post relevant and timely content according to the shifting trend, special festivals like New Year, Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc or the latest frenzy like a celebrity, new movie, exclusive gadget etc. The advantage of using current events in your posts is that your audience will become aware that you have a distinct perception, an informed picture of the world and updated information.

Tip# 2: Exploit the opportunity of using filters and hashtags to attract greater number of target audience:

Using hashtags have been shown to increase Instagram engagement by leaps. Hashtags are used by Instagram users to search certain topics. When you put hash # in front of a certain word or phrase (phrases should not have spaces or punctuation marks) you have created a hashtag. Creating a hashtag is like creating a search word that enables your target audience to relate to your posts whenever they are searching for similar posts. But overdoing it can lead to your meaning lost and this may end up presenting a hazy picture to your target audience.

Similarly, when posting pictures or videos, using in built Instagram filters can transform your ordinary post in to a mesmerizing and an eye catching one. Shifting lighting, altering their shapes or backdrops and using darker and lighter objects to present a magical visual picture is definitely a compelling strategy to engage your target audience and focalize your meaning.

Tip# 3: Keep up the conversation with your followers: 

Brands who fail to communicate effectively with their target audience soon lose their interest. The key way of building up on your target customers is to keep them engaged in conversation by following up on their comments, asking relevant questions and posting interesting remarks. This will lead up to more user comments and better brand awareness. The more you invest in interacting with your customers, the better your Brand is going to be liked by them.

Tip# 4: Increase brand loyalty by giving away prizes and holding contests:

Prizes and contest are a great motivational factor for any target audience. To drive more traffic to your page and to increase visibility, hold special contests that include customer involvement. You can ask them to post certain pictures which define your specific hashtag or you can have them post a small detail of your certain picture or video and then opt the best contestant for the prize.

Tip# 5: Advertise your Instagram page on other social media as well:

Advertising your Instagram page on your Facebook and Twitter account is also a very potent promotional strategy. You can increase brand engagement by 50% if you let your Facebook fans and Twitter followers know that you are also using the Instagram channel to support your brand.

Likewise, you can increase traffic to your Instagram page by adding an Instagram button on your own brand website or blog. This will let all your website users know that you are actively active on different social media platforms as well.

The best way to boost up your marketing campaign is to try out several different strategies, work out with various options, and research for the most formidable marketing strategies for your brand.


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